Friday, December 7, 2007

Art/ Basel/ Miami Beach

Made it to the Miami Arts District for some of the Basel Art Fair satellites. Really extrodinary if you have never been. Hundreds of galleries represented from all over the world with mini galleries. Outstanding contemporary art mostly with Modern art ...Emerging artists as well as established classics. Not any plein air painters I would say. Mostly high art of the personal kind. Here are some of the links:,
I wasn't too thrilled with the demented explicit sexual images or so much with younger artists (under 40) with references to genetic defects, mutation and what's after the Big ONE (apocolypse) ...although there was a terrific gallery in San Francisco with exceptional artwork of the latter. I particularly liked the 6" bronze figures of children wearing animal skins and their various poses.

Still waiting for rebuilt HD meanwhile, and expecting to be online by end of year again. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Candy,
    I sure enjoyed all of your fall paintings. Just wonderful. Interesting story about art basel in Miami. I've always wondered about that show.


  2. Just viewed your archives and it's incredible body of work. Look forward to seeing more from the SW this winter!

  3. It really is an incredible inspiration to see all the myriad styles and presentations of FINE ART. Plenty of excellent work and creative approaches always stimulating.
    Thanks for your support Linda!

  4. Thank you Trillium, looking forward to the west coast and desert again very much.
    I enjoyed doing the large painting for your wonderful ocean view condo in Miami. Have a great winter.

  5. Hey Candy!

    Here's hoping you have a fabulous 2008! Really sorry about your disk drive . . . I have had it happen and wouldn't wish that on a dawg! Hurry back to us when you can.



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