Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn Farm in Vermont

20 x 20 Inches Oil on canvas

~Needs more when dry~

Have you ever painted on vinyl? Well this particulary canvas I prepared was so slick
experimenting with different gesso. I had several coats of the oil based lead gesso, and I it was shiny it was so smooth. Consequently the paint was sliding all over, and impossible to build up surface, so I'll let it dry and make some adjustments next week.

A cold morning turned into a great day painting with six other plein airers!

Eric Tobin with his finished piece and subject in the background and Peter Miller nearly done.

Driving over Smuggler's Pass at 7Am it was 34 degrees and you can see the snow! Unusual to have the Pass open after the snow flies, but it's early this year. The light hitting the top of the mountain is called a reverse sunrise because you're facing west, and the sun coming over the mountains behind me.

At the start of the morning, John Caggiano, TM Nicholas, Peter Miller & Eric Tobin
(Ken Knowles and Susan setting up)

TM Nicholas and John Caggiano plein air along the river

Ken Knowles was around the bend

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