Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Washington DC Capitol with Cherry Blossoms

11 x 14 inches Oil on canvas SOLD

Starting out

It turns out that dealing with symmetry and the uniformity of multiple windows and columns requires a certain amount of dedication and concentration... yikes. I don't really do it very well because I'm not an architectural draftsman, but I did want this to be more than a casual rendering with oil paint.
I have one more of the Capitol to go where I'll try loosen up with color and brush work!


  1. Beautiful! I cant begin to imagine how difficult all of the lines~collums must have been! Beautiful sky..love the sky!!
    Fun to see how painting started & ended! :)

  2. Thank you Catherine..Fun to give a shot at architectural wonder!

  3. actually, I think you did well there. I struggle with architectural elements and this looks very balanced to me.



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