Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinnacle Peak with Saguaro #2613 by Candy Barr

 11 x 14 inches Oil on canvas

Pretty dark still at set up 8am, here's process 9am...with some light hitting the mountain,
Pinnacle Peak.

The sage are abundant with the occasional cholla, saguaro and palo verde in the back.  Behind the saguaro is an Ocitillo, used for natural fences, if one branch broken off and stuck into ground.  Farmers would not have to water it, and roots would take over and Voil√†, you had a living fence.

The Ocotillo is pollinated by hummingbirds that like the honey nectar it produces. They feed on the flowers during their travel north from Mexico to the mountains of the Western US.
The Ocotillo is very plentiful and not endangered because it's the only Fonquieria to be cultivated. The plant is easily grown from seed and cuttings and sold as nursery stock. The shrub is often use as "fencing" because its spines stop people and animals from passing through. The Ocotillo can be planted at anytime of the year.
The Ocotillo is a desert success story. It is a plant that has adapted to its environment, and it is useful to both animals and mankind.
Here's the trail map the City of Scottsdale AZ puts out to hike the trail up.

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