Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gold Canyon #11514 by Candy Barr

 11 x 14 inches Oil 

A few of us met in Gold Canyon nearly in Superior AZ to paint.
So many interesting views of washes, far away mountains, and plenty of cacti everywhere.

Eating on the patio of the Gold Canyon Golf Club felt very civilized.  Sounds like a varied and challenging course.  With my daughter Trillium Sellers as a professional golf instructor, I have to keep up with this side of nature! (Proud mama alert: There is a full page with her in this month's Jan 2014 Golf Digest, p 25 as Best Young Teacher, with lesson
 "Your Go-to Greenside Shot (make your first option the simplest one).
She's good.  )
Which makes me remember when my 2 kids were in middle school during one summer they played in JR Golf League.  That meant once a week, they would play at a different golf course.  After I watched their drives and walked part of the first hole with them, I would meander off to paint some vista along the course, finishing in time to watch them play out the 18th hole.  Everybody had a good time! And certainly it was fun for me to see a different course this way each week.  I remember her coming in fifth in her division at the end of the summer.

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