Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Temple Farm, Putney, Vermont

My digital camera pooped out, and I sent it to be cleaned,
overhauled, whatever and should be back in 2 weeks.
Meanwhile I'll post paintings from my archives not posted
and catch up with new paintings when I can photograph again.

As Roseanna Danna said "it's always something!"


  1. I was trying to figure out why this scene is so familiar to me?

    Did you know that Richard Schmid painted this scene for one of his videos?

    I remember someone let me borrow the video because they were shocked how much dry brushing he actually does.

  2. Hey Candy,

    Very nice work here, good for you. Thanks for the really nice comments on my blog.. It's always good to hear. "You're a fellow New Englandah too...good ta know yah"
    I laughed when I saw your Roessanna Danna quote, my God you brought me back...I used to imitate her when I was a little kid..too funny.
    I'll be checking back.
    Best to you,

  3. Elio I didn't know that. I was hoping to paint with him this day in 2005, but it started raining and it all stopped. This is the view next to the Village Arts Center in Putney where Richard has a Saturday invitation painting group. I have seen the video of him painting his old studio with red laundry on the line.

  4. Thanks Todd, I really enjoy your boat paintings and like to do them myself when I'm in Maine. There's something compelling about capturing their shape on canvas with water....yadda yadda yadda...And Roseanna! She was the best!

  5. Beautiful, fresh plein air painting. I really like your brush work in this one.

  6. I love the way you display the real places right there in the background of your easel! I wish everyone did that. I have just found photographs of the places that Claude Monet painted and they have cleared up alot of "what the heck is that?" questions. And the best discovery of all was a painting from the BACK side of the buildings in the painting I've been copying for years in my classes. It clearly shows that there is a sidewalk between the pink building and the yellow fence! Anyway, besides that, I am astonished at your color choices for the foreground.I have been copying Monet for way too long, why did you paint the green grass bright yellow?
    I know this makes me sound ignorant, but if I know the answer, I've forgotten it.

  7. Dee, thanks for comment. I've visited Giverny and was shocked at the road that goes through Monet's property. A tunnel was built for the guests foot traffic to reach the pond! He bought adjoining land for the pond years later, and you can't see it from the house and garden.
    I think Fairfield Porter said something about not using green, and I couldn't agree more. I wish I used it less!



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