Monday, September 24, 2007

Yellow Room

30" x 40"Oil sketch SOLD

Same S. African model in two poses.


  1. "I LOVE IT" I've nothing more to say. It is very good indeed.

  2. Beautiful,as all of your paintings are... I have a question, in 1991 we were at the W.V. state fair, & a lady by the name of Candy Barr did a sketch of our son...I have it framed hanging in the living room across from me, I am just curious if you are that Candy Barr
    a very original name, so got my curosity up...;) My son was 7 at the time, and he did not want to set and have his sketch drawn, so he had his pouty frown on his face, but you got all of his features right, it is a beautiful likeness, he is 23 now, & I have always loved the sketch & thought about the nice lady who did it..
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!
    Curious in VA.

  3. What a world Catherine! Indeed yes I did. I must have done well over 100 portraits during the week long fair and it was a real blast. That was the first time I had done portraits in that venue. It was so interesting the wide variety of people, from beauty pageant ladies (with the wide constant SMILE) to wiggly little kids eating icecream during sitting(the parent would bribe the 2+ yr old if they sat...but they neglected to offer it to the kid AFTER they sat!@!LOL)
    So nice to hear from you. I'll contact you at your email for further news...



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