Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feathered Hats

36" x 36" Oil on birch cradled panel

This image is from a well known Edward Curtis photo
that I juxtaposed with Vermeer's The Girl with the Red Hat.
Since I came to Scottsdale Arizona, I am so surrounded by
"cowboy art" that I've decided to allow myself to be
succumbed by my own Western expressions.

I went to the High Noon exhibition at the Civic Center
and enclose a few images from it.
Email me if you'd like more images from that exhibition.


  1. There is a DVD on Edward S. Curtis that is pertinent to the romancing of the Indian.

    It is a remake of his 1911 lecture and slide show, called "The Indian Picture Opera".

    Its possible to search it out on Amazon. The content is very illuminating on this subject, as it contains the actual words of ES Curtis's 1911 lecture along with many many photos.

  2. Thank you Jay for the informative references. Edward Curtis life must have been pretty fascinating as an artist all around. I look forward to seeing if I can find it!



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