Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open Studio

Set up display for Open Studio

Figures and portraits

Southwest paintings, and swimmers on left

I have a wonderfully large studio with great light. It takes a while to heat in the winter,
so I don't miss it when we go to Arizona for 3 months.

The Vermont Arts Festival had an Open Studio Tour today, and I spent a lot of time
setting up my studio with paintings on display or in bins all priced. I have too many older paintings, and I'm ready to let them go on sale, so I'll post some of these in the near future or feel free to contact me and make offer on any unsold painting from my thumbnail categories.(click here)

I sold over a dozen paintings, mostly small but a few medium size, so that made it worth the effort. Thank you to my angel patrons who support me!


  1. Great space and I know all that work that goes into it!
    Great that it's worth the effort and you are pleased. I would love to visit your studio sometime.

  2. Gretchen, I'd love to have you come visit! anytime before Thanksgiving!

    Nothing like an open studio to get in touch with one's inventory!!



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