Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mountains in Rain

7 x 22 inches Oil on birch

OOps, I've misplaced my camera, so I'm digging into archives to post until I find it!
~It's hiding~
I was standing by my car with light drizzle in the mountains, on a back highway that had this beautiful view of these incredible mountains that I was searching for a good spot to paint.

After getting out of car, there was trash that had been tossed out of people's windows driving by for years. From diapers to cans to plastic wrappers of every kind. There was a fence for animals somewhere and all the time I just kept hoping the truckers whizzing past wouldn't be interested in me painting and stop to look. I've never really painted in such a remote spot since. I kept close to my car just to feel I had a refuge in case. The trash all over just gave me the sense of people not caring about anyone else. This was east of Palm Springs near Thousand Palms.

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