Saturday, November 7, 2009


9 x 13 inches Oil on masonite (MDF)

Before when rock reflection too long

It was painted in summer, but this is fall view

I'm so used to working on location, and painting scenes as I see them without editing. I know for composition you are told to move a tree or rock etc, but with my extensive photography background, I never felt cropping was legitimate when making a good photograph, so I've just assumed doing the same thing with a painting is not as good either. Isn't that something? And I thought touching up on paintings done on location was a no-no. It's about time, I get OVER that syndrome ...don't you think? So all I have to do is have a general flavor of what I have in mind, then alter whatever needs adjusting in order to capture what I'm going after. So we'll see how the future paintings unfold. ( Painters are funny aren't we?)

Since I'm getting things cleared out and cleaned for winter skiers, I'm not going to be doing much painting for the next month. Then we'll be on the road, and guests everywhere, so not too much painting either. Perhaps I'll travel with pastels ?


  1. Great post . Love this piece. Sorry I was not there to help clean !!!

  2. LOL..Boy do I love my girlfriends like you! I just started earlier this year with DESK as focus. I hate doing that kind of organization, and I'm getting it done by tackling it Trillium sez: Having realistic expectations is important!

    I'm trying to sketch everyday if I don't paint this way.



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