Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reclining Nude

8 x 10 inches Oil on canvas board

Well last weekend I was in Manhatten, and it's pretty darn exciting on a glorious day down 5th Avenue. Went by some interesting sites, that all would make fun paintings (if I could focus to work from my photographs)

Lipstick bdg, and billboards of torsos juxtaposed against concrete and shapes.
And then there was the Kandinsky show filling the Guggenheim. I have never painted someone looking at art in a gallery setting, but I have taken photos of them over the years. I can see how tempting it is to paint, with a nod to Karen Jurick and Robin Cheers (do they have an exclusive on it as painting subject?).


  1. Candy,
    We plan a trip to NYC to see Kandinsky and O'Keeffe later this month. Seeing your photos makes it harder to stay focused this cloudy VT morning.

  2. Well there's always something to focus on if only the beauty we see!Have a great trip to Big Apple.



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