Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guitar Bruce

24 x 24 inches Oil on canvas

detail (click either image to enlarge)

Evolution of this painting in one long pose with breaks at the open studio on Friday at the Scottsdale Art School.
Begun over old failed painting of female nude ...without previously preparing by scumbling first!
It required a bit of concentration to ignore the underpainting and get the proportions laid out correctly. It just meant I had to self correct a number of times standing back to get the arm foreshortening, the length of torso, the hat... well harder to do than if it had been solid let's say! But I do it like people do crossword puzzles, for the fun of seeing the underpainting for a spell, what kind of accidents might happily occur, the extra concentration required. Just fun exercise.

Stage 1- wipe light red oxide all over
Stage 2- Place center of picture
Stage 3 - figuring out distances Stage 4 - forearm to small

Stage 5- Adjust arm and hat
Stage 6-Got his left hand during break!

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