Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Rock Canyon - #12211N

8 x 10 inches Oil on canvas
$225. + S/H

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Joshua trees and yucca, in the desert below the Calico Hills

This was one beautiful place to paint.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas Nevada!
There is an alternative to being inside and gambling...outside and painting.

This spot is from the Calico Hills - a large outcrop of eroded red Aztec sandstone, excellent for climbing. There are several overlooks, and trails for the more energetic. The top of the ridge has good views over the colorful Calico Basin at the far side, and of all Las Vegas 15 miles to the south - as ever the distinctive shapes of the casinos are clearly recognizable.
  • Calico Tanks - the tanks (also known as tinajas) are natural cavities in the sandstone which hold water for some time after rainfall;

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