Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready to Ride - #2211A

11 x 14 inches Oil on canvas

$275 SOLD

This still needs the reins painted in dropped on ground and a few other ties around the girth.
This was from a photo that Toni Perrin loaned me as we painted in her studio today. Chicken hearts our Wed Plein air Troops...Heck 31 degrees and who knows what the wind chill was ...plenty windy.
There were icicles on the fountain in our courtyard this afternoon...
and they cancelled the Waste Management Phoenix Open today. It could be worse..we could be stuck in Chicago on Lake Shore Drive. Did you see those pictures? There are abandoned cars in drifts unable to move, and clearly a snow plow cannot get to them...I suppose they'll have to wait until spring or hand dig out the entire street!!

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