Friday, September 30, 2011

White Towel on Blonde Nude - #93011

16 x 20 inches Oil on canvas

 Here's some others works from our Thursday night Model class with Billy Brauer
 Matthew's charcoal drawing
1.Hope Rappaport 2. Ann Young 3.Kathy Kilcourse 4. David Smith  5. Mine on far right...


  1. I don't think I could ever do one of those live-model sessions...I really admire how you created the different skin tones and the shadows. I'd like to learn how to do that! Wow! You did such a good job!

  2. You never can if you don't show up Katherine! You'd be surprised with charcoal and large pad to start...eventually it gets easier, and you know you enjoy the process!Find a group that gets a model and try it! It really is a fun way to spend an evening.



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