Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grandview Farm - (final)18 x 36" Oil on canvas by Candy Barr

~~Happy Independence Day~~!
Thank you US Troops for your sacrifice to us all

18 x 36 inches Oil on deep canvas

This is available from my Stowe Gallery

Vermont Fine Art Gallery
 Opening this Saturday July 7th 5 -7 pm

This site I spotted en route to paint at another Stowe Land Trust site, Burnor Farm.  The access was fairly high meadow grass along the woods, and mostly large panoramas facing the mountains to the west.  The birch trees along perimeter were calling to be painted, but I was reluctant to walk across the open meadow to get closer to them for better view.  So I returned to the Grandview Farm on the corner of Upper Hollow Rd and Stowe Hollow Rd, and enjoyed the red barn and shadows against the hilly countryside. 

"Schafe k├Ânnen sicher weiden" ( "Sheep may safely graze") 

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