Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tack House - Prickly Mt - 20 x 24" Oil by Candy Barr

20 x 24 inches Oil on canvas NFS

 This is a painting I did of my house in 1979 to help me understand the angles. I stood in the yard to paint it from the same angle as the photo taken years later...
The original house was the far right section and was published in 1965 in the NYTimes, architect David Sellers.  He has the painting now.


  1. Hello Candy...I am so fascinated by these houses that were built in such interesting & creative ways. I happened to take a ride up to Loop Road to see a house that is for sale. I fell in love with the design and wish I could buy it. It is in foreclosure & auction and I am wondering why? What ever happened to the owners that they would just let a house like that go? Perhaps you know the story about 270 Loop? Would love to know more! Sincerely, Ildiko



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