Saturday, February 23, 2008

Canyon Wall

16" x 20" Oil on canvas

$675 +S/H

First version posted 1.25.08.

Canyon colors and depth continue to inspire.

Well I did something pretty stupid on Wednesday.
I lost my two paintings that I just posted this week.
They were in two pizza boxes to travel in the car...
& ended up left by the driveway where I unloaded.
I had a few trips to my studio, and was sidetracked
before the last load: the paintings!
SO, the good news was I photographed and posted them...
the bad news is they are either in some dumpster,
or on someone's walls (I hope the latter).


  1. Lovely painting! I really like the bright juicy colors you use for this sun-drenched scene.

    So sorry to hear about the lost pieces. That hurts, I know.

  2. Candy, nicest canyon painting I remember seeing. Beautiful

  3. Thank you Diana. It's always a battle how much to tone down for me lol. Love the colors. Not sure the background shouldn't be lighter blues..
    The lesson on losing the two paintings is to manage my property better! So maybe a good thing to learn.

  4. WOW Gordon, thank you so much for the high praise.



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