Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Four Amigos

12" x 12" Oil on canvas

$350. + S/H

Same trail as last week, and the MOON was really there when I
started earlier! The foreground was completely in shadow, and
I blocked it in, then went down the hill to retrieve my camera,
and voila the light was now hitting the tops of the brush. I hadn't
figured on so much detail when I selected this spot, and not sure
it isn't too polka dotted. These plein air studies make for good
source material for larger ones though and the photos can be a help.
The skies a little too wet to finish, so I'll give it a day or two.

And my guest painter with me today was good Vermont friend,
Warren Kimble!

He's never been painting en plein air, so it was a real honor
to have his trust ON THE TRAIL!

He's having his first major retrospective this summer at the
Shelburne Museum in Vermont. He was out in here in Arizona
having a solo show at the Robert Roman Gallery in Scottsdale.


  1. Great values, I can feel the desert.

  2. Thanks so much Laura. The desert temperature is now warming up after an unseasonally cold and rainy Jan & Feb.



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