Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grand Canyon Dusk -process

2' x 4' Oil on canvas
in process

It's coming along..
Trying to get the right side foreground next,
and juggle the deepest shadow colors
with some glazing...
And it's too tempting to start fantasizing images
on top of the point: the wrapped Indian in a blanket ,
or maybe some Warrior yoga posture.
And then there's the juxtaposition icon:
a shopping cart.


  1. I love this. I can't believe the size of it. Almost reminds me of Cezenne, but is better.

  2. wow, thanks so much AG. Yes, the size is testing my patience as well, as I tend to like to do it alla prima. Murals and large paintings you just have to be set at a different gear!

  3. Candy - this is coming along very nicely! I love landscapes - and your southwest landscapes really capture my attention!

  4. Thank you Helen, it's interesting how my friends either clearly prefer my landscapes or my figures. Delighted you are in the landscape camp!

  5. I like handling in the foreground.



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