Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mackerel Platter

18 x 24 inches Oil on canvas

There's a fish story here...

a dingy was untied at one end (that I had tethered to keep in place) leaving it to blow about, which altered my "model" I chided the lobsterman and his helper when they came up the ramp past me and my easel plein air set up, "can't get no respect! You moved my subject!"
So he kindly asked a bit later if I liked Mackerel...and I gleefully said "YES!" It was a real beauty,

but my Michael said they are Heck to filet and very bloody, so I decided to paint it a few times instead of eating it! Best served in sushi probably if you're going to eat it.. (actually I have a can with red label on it that holds pencils with picture of mackerel on it from years ago). The story just never ends.

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