Friday, July 2, 2010

Maine Estuary

10 x 10 inches Oil on canvas

well the computer nearly died from overload of high res pictures...
But we seem to have figured out a back up plan for iPhoto on 1TB HD.

Meanwhile I have lots of paintings to share with one coming everyday that I did in Maine the last 2 weeks in June. Great weather and plenty of inspiration!


  1. I love the slippery paint in this painting. Also your greens are beautiful. Where in Maine were you? I go to the Camden area often. There is nothing like it.

  2. Thanks Katie! This is off the coast of Bath, only an hour north of Portland. All of Maine has special aspects connected to water. And relating to it through the different tides as well as light is so fascinating. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I have painted the Camden harbor a few years back...across from the library from the park right before twilight set in...Fantastic spot!



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