Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seashell Plated - #62511

8 x 10 inches Oil on canvas

This was started again at the Colin Page workshop as a 45 minute study. Hello...what was I thinking seashell
8 x 10 ? I completed it back in studio to give it more distinct personality. Anyone know what kind of shell this is? I think this may be my first still life that was more than a study... (I'm not including interiors that have a vase on a window sill).


  1. Its beautiful! You did a great job. I have a new respect for oils today, after taking my first workshop yesterday! Its not easy! You make it look easy though. Your colors are so clear and blended just enough. (that blending thing was my problem)

  2. Well keep up the good work Katherine! It's a big world once we start "mixing colors"! Sometimes less is more. Check out Kevin Macpherson's book of his pond studies over a year, and he only used Red Yellow and Blue!Good luck to you and thanks for your nice comment.



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