Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pond Reflection - #81313 by Candy Barr

 8 x 10 Inches Oil on canvas

This was demo for my Plein Air Workshop that started today.
We had to begin indoors due to the heavy rain, and were lucky enough 
after lunch to be able to paint outside

 on location

How many plein air painters do you see with a Julian Easel strapped
to their BMW motorcycle?  And Jim arrived in the rain coming from 
1 hour away in Calais!  
Almost as good as George Coll in Colorado
traveling to his painting sites with his two pack llamas hauling his gear!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to know that with my big Toyota, I'll have no excuses (or problems) getting stuff to plein aire sites once I get a Julian (or similar) easel. (I'm asking "Santa")
    Also glad I don't have to resort to the care/feeding of pack animals, although I am a knitter and have fondled and painted my fair share of sheep, llamas and alpacas.



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