Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Estuary Reflection

36" x 48" Oil

Camera has been repaired, and great to have it back.
I missed taking pictures for 2 weeks, like someone
would miss writing in their journal.

This Estuary Reflection pairs with Estuary posted
on June 23. I did it from Estuary l 20" x 20" posted
in June as well.

$3,200 framed + S/H


  1. Candy. This is beautiful. I love it. Fantastic composition!

  2. Cany, The clarity of color and composition are awesome!

  3. Many thanks to you both...I've been working with this same estuary for years now, returning every year to some different aspect of it. The twilight light is really just another zinger about it's allure now.

  4. I so wish we could have painted together when I was in Vermont a few months ago! I love your work - like Stephen has said, the color is pure and direct.



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