Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pillows l

24" x 24" Oil

The pillows juxtaposed against the ocean
were more interesting to me for painting #4
in a series of 5. It was a fairly bright day too.
(I did one a day for 5 days from the same spot,
though I refocused the scene
each day a bit differently)

$2400 + S/H
Beautiful floating frame with custom 2" x 1" beveled mahogany


  1. What a great porch! You have made it so inviting!

  2. Hi Candy, what a wonderful series. So beautiful and fun to see the different stages.

  3. Hi Candy, I do love this porch series. I'd love to join you right there - you make it easy to see what an inviting place it is! What a great place to just 'be'!

  4. I am just LOVING this series of yours!

  5. Fantastic! A great series, but this latest is a stunner. Thanks for putting up the photo of the painting in the porch. Have you seen Connie Hayes' work? A bit reminiscent.

  6. WOW! These porch paintings just keep getting better.

  7. What a fabulous porch and view. Reminds me of Fairfield Porter.
    I've been MIA from cruising the blogosphere and am impressed with your summer work!

  8. Thanks you all! It's really something to work on a series too isn't it? You just get immersed with the depth of possibilities.
    And yes Cooper, I love Connie Hayes work. Her mulleins in interiors are absolutely exquisite - the loose way and brilliant color she uses!



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