Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pillows ll

12" x 12" Oil

This was the culmination of observing this
interior corner every day. Around 1 o'clock the day
before I first noticed the mullein shadows
coming in when the sun was low enough.
I loved the shadows going across the pillows.
So I resigned I would capture them, but
I had to wait until one o'clock, and reduce the size
of my canvas in the series from 24" x 24" to 12" x 12"
due to the speed required to capture the movement across
the pillows. It was a lucky transition for me, to work
on this series of five paintings- one a day, because
it started off dark and rainy, and lightened up
everyday until there was brilliant light coming in.

The bottom photo is the porch on the other side
of the pillows as it approached dusk.

$795 + S/H


  1. What a lovely place to work! And a very interesting exercise. Enjoyed looking at the results.
    Cecelia in Texas

  2. I wanna be there, which kind of says it all!

  3. Yes indeed! ocean, sunny views, beds & pillows.. painting is a tough job..and someone's got to do it! lol

  4. Oh, Candy! This place is wonderful! Wow! You sure caught the feeling of it! You live there?

    Can I come visit? ;-)

    Verrrry coool!



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