Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Wood Island, Maine

10 x 10 inches Oil on canvas

This duel subject offered an interesting challenge in composition.
The foreground rock has intrigue to offset the mystery of the faraway island retreat.
I like the intimacy of the scale of this painting.

Beautiful view on Big Wood Island from West Point Beach.
Kids had a blast...


  1. This water series has been great! Really like them all.

  2. Thank you so much Annelein!~ Fun to coincidently post during a Vermont Heat Wave - ha!

  3. Candy, fun to see your painting with the photo from which it derived and even the photos of painting on site. Enjoyed seeing your blog! Good also to see you at Ray's, opening the edible painting!

  4. I came across this through a google search.... I absolutely love this painting. I spent so many summers exploring those rocks and that beach. It brings back so many memories. Love it. You have amazing talent.



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